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Content Marketing Theme Calendar


This content marketing theme calendar is a powerful spreadsheet-based planner that enables you to organize your content marketing by monthly, weekly, and daily themes. Format: XLSX, more formats coming soon.


Product Description

Overwhelmed by the sheer number of moving parts in your business’s content marketing plan?

There’s your blog, content upgrades, and email list; oh, and your email automation; then there’s your social media profiles, Facebook groups, and more. [Cue the stress headache…]

Many entrepreneurs and bloggers bring order to the chaos by using a theme calendar. This could be done on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis – or, what I prefer: all three! (Organization is the best, isn’t it?)

Use my powerful content marketing spreadsheet planner to decide your monthly themes (big picture, topical), weekly themes (specific and operational – blog posts, guest blog posts, email blasts, etc), and daily themes (for social media). Once you’ve plugged in your themes and picked a month, the calendar on tab 2 will automatically populate your themes in the right places, and you can begin to add specific topic ideas, links to share, social media captions and updates, guest post ideas, and more.

Note: This content marketing theme calendar is undated, which means you can use it for any month, but you’ll need to consult a dated calendar to make sure you’ve noted the first and last days of the month, any relevant holidays, etc.

Format: XLSX, more formats coming soon