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Blog Post Templates in Word Format (5-pack)


Need to write a great blog post, but today creating the actual content feels like pulling teeth? Let me help! I’ve created 5 blog post templates in Word that will walk you the process of creating a meaningful, engaging blog post even if you are starting without the slightest idea of what to write. The templates also include tips on organization for SEO, writing prompts for each section of the outline, and more.

Product Description

Creating great blog posts for your business can be tough.

And if you’re not a full time blogger and you’re just writing “in your free time” (lol) in order to build your business’s brand and improve your search engine rankings, it’s a whole lot harder.

That’s because business blogging is both a science and an art; it’s kind of like creative writing, but research and fact based, and must include technical tactics and strategies for SEO that creative writers never have to think about.

And when you’re approaching a new blog post at the end of a long day or week running your business, it is simply really hard to make the magic work just like that.

At the same time, writing meaningless posts that just regurgitate the latest content in your industry won’t do much for your brand or a sustainable SEO strategy either. So how exactly are we non-full-time-bloggers supposed to build a solid blog strategy without losing our minds?!

I’m with you. As a corporate blog ghostwriter and entrepreneur running multiple online brands, I write well over 50,000 words every month – and I do it all in the margins of my day so I can spend more time with my goofy, amazing toddler. No doubt you have some pretty awesome things you’d rather be doing with your time, too. That’s why I’ve created this bundle of 5 blog post templates that include outlines and writing prompts. You can edit them to your heart’s content and use them to create high quality, meaningful, well-organized blog posts for your business blog. Each template begins with a different writing prompt and includes a built-in outline with additional writing prompts and SEO tips. Oh, and it’s FREE. Here’s to ending writer’s block! (This week, at least…)