Blog Post Research Tracker Spreadsheet


Use this spreadsheet to track your blog post research for each post, as you evaluate the other content in your niche and find ways to make your post stand out amid the noise. (Format: XLSX)

Product Description

This blog post research tracker spreadsheet will walk you through the steps to organize and outline your next blog post, making sure you know how it fits in the big picture of blog content in your niche.

Here’s why that matters: 

In my experience as a corporate content ghostwriter, the best blog posts come out of a process of days – even weeks – of research. That’s because an amazing, well-written blog post will never stand out in the noise UNLESS it takes into account the larger context of your industry. In other words, why does the world need your post?

If you’re going to write a blog post with the specific purpose of driving traffic to your site or increasing engagement, keep this simple [and slightly painful] truth in mind:

To beat out competing posts for your keywords, your post needs to ultimately be BETTER than the competition.

You don’t have to create the Mona Lisa of blog posts, but it does need to be pretty awesome.

Be for you start writing your post, Google your target keywords and scan through the existing blog posts to find out what other people are saying.

Then figure out what they’re not saying, and how you can improve their posts. For example, if they tend to water down a complex subject, you can show its complexity and shades of grey. Or if they all seem to be targeting one certain type of person, you can focus on a different, neglected yet high-need segment.

This spreadsheet will help you track this process in an organized, streamlined approach. To beat the competition, you need an unfair advantage – so take the time to come up with something that your peers haven’t even attempted yet.

(Format: XLSX)