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February 2018 Goals

We’re a week into February, so I’m right on time (ha) with my February goals.

Let’s start with a quick check-in on my year-end 2018 goals.

2018 Goals Check-in

1. Alana Le brand – publish first two books in series of practical, encouraging books for entrepreneurs

Scratch that! I realized at the end of January that this goal was unnecessarily ambitious. 😉 Eating some humble pie and changing this goal to writing the outline only for this series. I am the poster child for biting off more than you can chew. Hoping to learn from my past mistakes and work smarter this year.

2. Genre fiction brand – publish four novels and three novellas (finish the series I launched in 2017)

On track! More on that goal below. Feeling good about this one.

3. The Six Box – grow to the point where my co-founder and I can pay ourselves monthly salaries of [REDACTED]

On track.

4. Health – lift 3+ days per week throughout the whole year

Hit a speed bump in January, but I’m back on track now.

5. Family – keep a family diary to track what’s working and what’s not (especially when it comes to toddler routines and behavior)

On track.

6. Faith – 15+ minutes of Bible and prayer time each day

On track.

As you can see, so far – one month in – things are going well! For the most part. I’ll share more details below, but suffice it to say, I am pleased with my 2018 goals and happy with my progress. They’re definitely stretch goals, but in a fun and exciting, not stressful, way.

January 2018 Goals Recap

1. Alana Le brand – Set timer and spend 30 minutes per day, 6 days per week, advancing my 2018 big goals.

According to my weekly miracle sheets, I did this 11 out of 27 days (excluding Sundays) in January. Ouch. Not great! But to be honest, my blog is my lowest priority right now, and things were pretty crazy in January, so it was to be expected.

2. Genre fiction brand – Send Book 3 to my editor.

DONE. Not only that, I already got it back from my editor! So excited to publish it in the next couple of weeks. Formatting, proofreading, and cover designs take longer than you’d think…

3. The Six Box – Set timer and spend 30 minutes per day on 2018 goals.

This one was better! I did a Six Box power session 16 out of 27 work days in January. Okay, not great. But not terrible, given what we had going on. More below. (By the way, in case you are curious, some of my power sessions last more like 90 minutes – but a minimum of 30 straight minutes is my goal.)

4. Health – Lift weights 5 times per week, do two short HIIT runs per week, and hit my target calories & macros each day, with one “untracked” day per week (for the sake of my sanity!).

This one was mixed. I hit my target calories/macros 22 out of 27 days in January. Pretty good. Unfortunately, after only 6 lifting sessions and 2 HIIT runs, I ended up getting injured. Super frustrating! The injury is completely unrelated to lifting and running, but I had to stop all those activities and start going to physical therapy. Thankfully, it has improved enough that I can do a few lifts, so I am back in the [garage] gym this month. Definitely no running on the schedule, though. (Not very sad about that, TBH.)

5. Family – Write at least one daily entry in our family diary.

I only added 9 entries last month, but even just keeping this diary has been incredibly helpful!

6. Faith – Have 15+ minutes of Bible and prayer time each day.

Crushed this one. I spent 15+ minutes in “quiet time” 29 out of 31 days in January. No, it’s not a perfect 100%, but close enough! I was thankful for more time in the Word and prayer last month, because I definitely needed it. My daughter was very sick partway through January. It was scary for all of us. This is part of the reason why I haven’t been logging a ton of consistent time on my blog or my e-commerce business.

Done with the recap, on to the fun stuff – this month’s goals!

My February 2018 Goals

1. Blog – 30+ minute power session 6 days a week

Same goal as last month, but hopefully I’ll hit it a little harder this time.

2. Genre fiction brand – Finish the first draft of Book 4 by writing 2,000 words per day, 6 days per week

I’m following a new approach I read about in this book – writing a “lean” first draft about 60% of my target length, so 48,000 words (out of my 80,000 word goal). The idea, which I LOVE, is to focus only on getting the story on the page in the first draft. Think action, dialogue, plot – no worldbuilding, characterization, description, etc. This might sound horrible, but when I was editing my third novel, I ended up throwing away the entire first draft (50,000 words) and 20,000 words of the second draft because of plot holes. It was heartbreaking and frustrating, because I am not a full time author. I had sacrificed a lot to create those words, and wasting them felt tragic. This time, I am hoping to deal with the plot holes before I spend extra time on descriptions, etc., which I will then add in during my editing in March and April, when I will flesh out the first draft and bring it up to my target length. That’s the plan, anyway…

3. The Six Box – 30+ minute power session 6 days each week, plus launch our super secret special project (yay!). 

Can’t wait to show off our special project at the end of this month! I’ll link it in my next goals blog post…

4. Health – maintain weight without tracking macros, and lift 3 days per week.

I’m taking a diet break this month. I’m below my pre-pregnancy weight (YES!!) and pretty tired of shredded chicken breast, egg whites, and oatmeal. (Just kidding! I ate plenty of yummy food to get here, I promise.) My goal is to maintain my weight this month without weighing my food, then work on losing a bit more fat later this year.

5. Family – tidy up the house before dinner. 

You know when you have company for dinner, and you run around like a crazy person tidying up, making yummy food, and getting the lighting just so? Oh, maybe that’s just me. Well, I love that feeling right before company comes over, when you look around your home and think, “Wow, it looks so pretty.” Then it hit me. We’re the ones who live here – why don’t we ever do that just for ourselves?! Maybe because we have a 2.5 year old and a 3 month old. Ha. But anyway, I’d like to find a way to enjoy our home each evening, and I think do a quick clean-up before dinner each evening might help.

6. Faith – 20+ minutes of Bible and prayer time each day

Adding 5 minutes to last month’s goal. Maybe this sounds legalistic, but setting a time goal (rather than a number of chapters to read) has helped me to do more of the things that build my faith – worship music, memory verses, journaling, more prayer time, etc.

So, those are my February 2018 goals. We’ll see how this month goes…more to come in March!

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